Diyarbakir City Museum

The work of the City Museum, located in the historic Cemil Pasha Mansion, restored by the Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, has emerged as a product of a three years work. As one of the most beautiful examples of civilian architecture, the mansion has exhibited nearly 1500 works witnessing the multiculturalism of Diyarbakir. All the peoples who lived in the city, their cultures and their beliefs were exhibited in the museum. The rich cultural structure, urban development, agriculture, crafts, culinary culture, focal points, trade, traditions of social life in Diyarbakir are thematically constructed. Education, written and oral culture and the history of the site are also exhibited interactively, as are other thematic areas, using both collection exhibitions and audio visual media. There is a digitally accessible library, museum shop, cafe, cinema hall, children and conservation workshops within the museum.

2015, Diyarbakir, Turkey, Metropolitan Municipality of Diyarbakir, 5000 m2

Museology, Müzeography, Curatorial Works, Exhibition Design, Reception, Library, Museumshop and Storage Designs, Graphic Design, Production and Implementation Controllership.

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