Museum of Seljuk Civilization, Kayseri

At the beginning of the museum’s works, a private collection of approximately 500 pieces of Byzantine, Great Seljuk, Anatolian Seljuk civilizations and of the Beyliks period was purchased by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality to create the permanent collection of the museum. The curatorial work of the Museum of Seljuk Civilization was carried out by a team consisting of specialists who determined the events, situations and structures that were outstanding in the museum. Contrary to the chronological approach of history museums, the museum is thematically constructed. The Anatolian Seljuk period civilization constituted the main culprit of the museum. Cities, social life, housing, accessories of everyday life, palaces, gardens, home and kitchen utensils, arts and crafts, symbols stand out in the exhibition of Seljuk period. On the other hand, since the historical building in which the museum is located is an old medical school of the period medicine, pharmacology and medrasahs are also presented in the museum. It is aimed the visitor to be inclusive participant with the use of digital and mechanical interactions. In the museum courts, where the exhibits are extended, for visually impaired to visit alone, stations with the letters in Braille alphabet and the replicas stationed were formed and the entire open spaces are laid on the perceptible path. There are also a shop, cafe and a workshop space for children’s activities.

2014, Kayseri, Turkey, Metropolitan Municipality of Kayseri, Çifte Madrasah, 2800m2

Museology, Müzeography, Curatorial Works, Exhibition Design Reception, Library, Museumshop, Cafe and Storage Designs, Graphic Design, Production and Implementation Controllership.

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